Designer Silks by Diana now in bespoke clothing shop EZZA in Bath

I am extremely excited to be able to announce my bespoke silk items are available in store at Ezza, in Bath. Ezza is a charming store providing limited edition accessories. My products have been selected to go exclusivley on sale here because they compliment the quality of the other goods in the store.


If you would like to visit the store to view my fine handed painted silks, please click here to visit the Ezza website

Hello and welcome to Designer Silks by Diana

My blog will be an interesting site for you to keep track of all of my latest projects and hand painted silk art designs.

Currently I am creating a colour palette to make it easy for my customers to choose from a range of lovely choices they can have in their bespoke hand painted silk items.


The website will shortly have a bespoke order form so you can email me with your complete requirements for any garment, be it a scarf, tie, table cloth or any item you wish.