Unique hand painted silk Ponge scarf ''Lily''

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Hand painted silk Ponge scarf with Lily in light dusky red, browny colours makes looking like antique image.

Hand painted silk scarf. Size: 18 x 18 inches (45x45cm).

This silk scarf is individually hand created it's impossible to completely repeat it and it takes on average 4 plus hours to produce, hand rolled hems. I have hand painted this scarf mixing the colours by eye making it more like a painting in watercolours. As with any hand painted work there's always signs of the artist's hand which adds to it distinctiveness and exclusivity. Unlike digitally printed, mass-produced scarves you will be purchasing a one-of-a-kind. This process of hand painting always results in variations, shapes and patterns differ, and colours bleed into each other creating a matchless piece.

All designs are original and crafted by hand through a process of hand waxing and dye. They are then finished to produce the vibrant mix of colours and patterns.This is NOT a digitally printed scarf.

The silk item is very soft, flowing, luxurious and elegant, and is an original one of a kind creation. Hand painted silk is a universal gift – small and soft, unique and original, practical and really beautiful.

Silk scarf is also an exclusive accessory made in England.