Ties, Hand painted silk ties

My unique ties, for both men and women, are becoming increasingly popular.
Taking inspiration from many great artists, I create vibrant colourful ties to draw the eye, or gentle discreet designs which gradually attract attention.
Prices vary according the size and intricacy of the design, materials and creation. Care instructions are provided on delivery.
Bespoke pieces can be made to your own design or especially created for a loved one in their favourite colours. A non-refundable deposit of 30 per cent will be required.
If you want to talk to me about this please drop me an email to dianagallery@hotmail.co.uk or sign up to my newsletter.

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Bespoke silk Ponge hand painted man's tie ''Abstract''

Silk, Gutta, silk paints, Black gutta, Silver gutta

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Silk Tie inspired by the artist Gustav Klimt

Bespoke hand painted silk ponge tie, in soft orange and red colours, with gold contours.

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